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"Realizing we are measured by our results and not our intentions, is the first step."
                                                                                                                  -Laura Kieger

As an independent, “freeagent” human resources business partner and performance coach for over fifteen years, I am a proven and trusted advisor who meets people and problems "where they are at." As a leadership coach, I partner with leaders to identify any gaps preventing their teams from reaching their goals, find ways to fill those gaps, and develop and deliver solutions with a focus on attracting, developing and engaging their people assets--the employees that will help them achieve their mission. In my capacity as an HR consultant, I am committed to sharing my experience and knowledge and putting it to work toward your organization's pursuit of excellence.


Communicate with impact. Lead and motivate others. Deliver a shared vision. Encourage individuals and teams to achieve that vision.

Partnering with clients, together we identify critical leadership competencies, gather relevant feedback to support development planning, and provide ongoing coaching. Setting clear expectations and giving leaders actionable feedback will help them develop their skills and build trust with their teams, leading to organizational growth and success.


Assist team members in setting and meeting individual development goals and improving performance.

I work with clients to develop their coaching skills and increase their confidence; setting expectations, providing staff with constructive and timely feedback, and losing their fear of having crucial conversations with employees when it comes to identifying and addressing performance gaps.

Build Teams

Collaborate and promote teamwork. Build trusting relationships.

Leaders give teams direction, help team members to align with that direction, and inspire and motivate them to work toward positive outcomes of the stated objectives. Great leaders know how to empower teams to accomplish results that they could not accomplish as individuals working independently. 

Deliver Results

Driving for results includes solving problems and analyzing issues.

Recognizing gaps between the "current state" and the ideal "future state," identifying key performance indicators, supporting a culture of accountability, and data driven decision makings are fundamental to delivering desired results.

"Your employees will forgive you for making a mistake; they won't forgive you for  pretending nothing is wrong."
                                                                                                                                                -Laura Kieger

"Laura Kieger was instrumental as a strategic consultant from my first day, helping to translate the organizational imperative for centralized reporting and analytics into initial structure and tactics."              


-Nancy G., Chief Analytics Officer

"Thank you for presenting on Performance Improvement (Cultures of Accountability) at the Nursing Managers and Directors meeting.  I heard it was well-received and appreciated." 

 -Sandy H., Director of Social Services

"Laura is a true consultant--collaborative, strategic, and extremely knowledgeable. ...She has the unique ability to defuse potentially volatile matters by having critical conversations with clients and is able to establish trusting relationships. ...I have worked closely with Laura in a number of areas, which resulted in lasting, positive outcomes for both the organization and the employee."

-Melissa W., Director of Disability Counseling and Consulting

"Thank you for greatly assisting in our department's strong first quarter performance. We are on track to achieve some very aggressive annual goals. You significantly assisted in our talent acquisition needs, assisted with numerous staff-related issues, and many other day-to-day HR support needs. Clearly, we could not have advanced our many initiatives without your solid support."

-Doug T., Senior Director Finance

"Improved team communication--absolutely!  ...Morning team briefs have improved communication related to anticipated workload and issues (equipment, building issues such as temperature, staffing issues such as sick calls, "workload balancing." ...Briefs and mid-day huddles have helped reduce the stress levels as staff can anticipate issues and plan accordingly. ...Employees are open to discuss concerns/issues and can see immediate action on many items. ...We have also increased participation in problem solving.  ...All staff are offering to assist others with heavy workload and problem solving."

-Kim L., Director of Lab Services, Academic Medicine 

"Laura has been the best Human Resources business partner I've had in my 20+ year career in all the healthcare systems and organizations I have worked with. ...She has truly been a partner in helping navigate through some recent difficult management  transitions, as well as organization structural changes. ...She is an invaluable resource that gives me confidence as a manager that I have considered all the possibilities and am following a course that is consistent with our HR policies and our organization's business needs." 

-Cheryl K., Finance Director

"I worked with Laura both when I served as a Director of a consulting company in the medical device field and as a consultant to a major university. In both instances, Laura was able to listen to concerns and "pain points of leadership, and then facilitate discovery of solutions. Laura supports organizations as they define the type of work culture they wish to create, then works with them to identify and co-create organizational systems and processes required to reach the organization's vision and, ultimately, organizational success." 

-Monica S., Founder, Work/Life Lab

"Over the past 2-3 years our leadership team has developed a strong relationship with Laura based on trust, respect, and a deep understanding of our operations with Laura, which has helped position us for today and for the future."

-Matthew W., Chief Technology Officer

"Laura's dedicated and consistent support of my staff and myself is greatly appreciated and has significantly contributed to the overall success that the Regulatory Affairs Department has achieved."

                                                                                                                        -Fortunato A., Director of Regulatory Affairs

"Your contributions to us and Hennepin County Medical Center made this day and future days possible. The impact of your work and counsel are not only historic, but groundbreaking! You've helped us to lead from the front."

 -John C., MD, Chief Health Information Officer for Analytics and Informatics

"...a very strategic human capital business partner. ...innovative and sees the big picture." 

-Ann E., Senior Director of Support Services

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